Hey guys,

                                                       Eric DeLuca here…born and raised in Michigan, with a passion for music and writing, wanting to share my journey with YOU! I hope to inspire you and your love for learning the guitar, even if you’re picking it up for the 1st time.

I still remember buying my 1st guitar at a young age, with my paper route money, and knowing that this was going to be life changing!

My parents had a huge record collection I would listen to. And every day it was a concert in the basement with my mom’s Christmas lights she’d leave up all year. It was me, my guitar, whatever record I was playing along to with my guitar, and the non existing audience. 

I wanted to know everything there was about learning to play. I had a huge collection of books. took multiple lessons,  and tried to listen to all sorts of genres to understand the different styles in music.

Twenty five years later, I’ve performed multiple shows, taught 100’s of students, written multiple e-books and created beginner guitar videos seen all over the world.
You may have seen my YouTube videos online and that’s how you ended up here.

You might have been doing a search and this website popped up. However you found me…welcome, and enjoy the site!


My Passion

The YouTube platform has changed everything for me. I would’ve never thought I could take my teaching to a different virtual level. I’ve seen many guitar tutorials on YouTube and I strive to be a little different from everyone else. It’s a no fluff and puff attitude taken with the videos. Here’s the meat and potatoes of the song. You get the verse chords as well as the chorus chords, and get to learn the song in a very short period of time. 

Below are a few examples of videos taken from my channel. I explore all genres as well as decades. My playlist are setup so it is easy to navigate, if you’re looking for a particular song or artist.

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Eric DeLuca