The Tempo Of A Song

Just how do you find out the tempo of a song?

While this may seem like a strange question, you may want to know the tempo of a song someday. Case in point, this year my sister got married & wanted me to play some songs outside. With the pandemic going on, it made sense. We did something fun though and different. Not only did we do a drive by wedding while I performed in the back of a truck bed, but instead of guitar I decided to rock the drum set. 

Because of the time limit of how long it took to get down her street, I had to decide if I wanted to play full songs or splice them together. I decided to edit them and splice them together. The problem was I was dealing with different tempos, making it difficult to stay in time. The solution? A cool website that gave me some great data I could work with!

The site was called and I was impressed with being able to work with it. Yes there are others out there, but this one stuck with me. I picked a few tunes and it went great. You also have the ability to see the key the song is written in. Maybe down the road you want to put a medley together of songs. This would be a great reference to use.

The video is below of my sister’s drive by wedding. Forward to 1:56 to see the drum set in the truck bed. 19:49 for a shot, not with the music I’m playing but to see the jam in motion. Unfortunately I don’t have an example of the tunes with the video because the video was specifically edited for my sister, but you’ll get the idea when you take advantage of the website for whatever you may use it for.